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The best Noosa wedding photographers

Are you looking for amazing Noosa wedding photographers ?

We have so many amazing Noosa wedding photographers here on the Coast so I thought I would do a little run down of some of my favourites. Before having a read about them , take a moment to consider what you are looking for in your wedding photographer. There are a few main things to consider:

  • Photographic Style – Do you want your images to be light and airy, or do prefer a dark and moody atmosphere ? Do you like candid documentary style images, or are posed setups more for you ? Each individual photographer will have their own style. Look through a wedding photographers Facebook and Instagram account to get an idea of their usual style.
  • Personality – You are going to be working closely with your photographer for most of your wedding day. Considering this is going to be a very special day, you want to be sure the person you are working with clicks with your personality. Are you looking for someone fun and bubbly who can fit in with your group ? Or would you prefer someone calm and serious who stands back from the party, unobtrusively capturing your images. Not that either approach is right or wrong – its entirely up to what you are comfortable with and how you envisage your wedding day.
  • Cost & Experience – You can get some big costs savings going with a less experiences photographer. Just be aware of the risks of taking on a less experienced photographer. They may not have insurance, adequate camera gears & lens, backup gear ( all wedding photographers should be working with two cameras! ). Professional full frame cameras will typically have dual memory card slots, so if one card gets corrupt, the other is there for backup. If you are working with a less experienced photographer the chance are they are not working with the best professional gear. All the Noosa wedding photographers listed below I would consider to be extremely experienced.

Lindy Photography

Lindy absolutely nails the light and airy look. While they are beautiful and bright, her images at not at all over blown. The details in her images are crisp and sharp, and the ambience is magical. Not only is Lindy a master of the trade, she’s a wonderful person to work with. If you are looking for someone highly experience, who can provide you with the finest quality images, then definitely get in touch with her!

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Luke Middlemiss Photography

While I haven’t worked with Luke personally, everyone I’ve come across in the industry has spoken very highly of him. If you are looking for golden sunsets and images filled with emotion, then he is your photographer. There is a hint of moodiness to his romantic and sentimental images. His images are filled with colour, deep greens and punchy warmth. Definitely a Noosa wedding photographer that I admire.

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Alan Hughes Photography

Timelessly beautiful, Alan’s wedding photographs speak for themselves. Alan is an AIPP accredited photographer, and you can see his professionalism echoed in his work. His style is fresh, captivating and creative. Alan is definitely up there as one of the best Noosa wedding photographers.

noosa wedding photographers

Sandpiper Weddings

Sandpiper Photography also does weddings! I’m all about capturing colour and atmosphere. I enjoy shooting weddings in a documentary style, unobtrusively capturing your special day.

the best noosa wedding photographers

I hope you enjoyed reading about my suggestions for Noosa wedding photographers. If you are looking for the definitive guide of all things wedding related in Noosa, you can’t go past the Noosa Weddings Organisation website. Here you will find a directory with all different amazing Noosa wedding vendors, including Cakes, accomodation, caterers, celebrants, ceremony venues, hair & makeup and more. Noosa Wedding Organisation works tirelessly to ensure the best for the wedding industry in Noosa. There can’t be a more idyllic place than Noosa for one of the most special days of your life!

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