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Sunshine Coast family photography styling

When it comes to family photoshoots, family photography styling can be the main thing that makes or break the success of the photoshoot. The importance of well put together and complimentary outfits can’t be understated. The impact is has on your final gallery photo is huge! Read on for some do’s and don’t regarding your family photoshoot clothing choices.

Family photography styling basics

DO Choose clothing that suits your family

Its in important that the overall look of your family photoshoot reflects your family natural style. Don’t make get your partner to wear a bright orange shirt if thats something he/she would never wear. It’s important everyone is happy in what they are wearing, otherwise when they look back on the photos, they aren’t going to like them.

DO Make sure clothing is clean and crease free

Creases in garments and heavy stains stand out like a saw thumb in portraits. Since the moment is frozen in a photo, every single detail becomes exaggerated. It’s best to make sure all clothing is washed and ironed before a photoshoot.

DO Make sure clothing is complimentary

To create a uniformly pleasing family portraits, it’s important that the clothing is complimentary. This is so that attention is drawn evenly over the photo, not to just one specific person. This doesn’t mean matching – in fact, strictly matching can be a bad thing. We don’t want everyone in exactly the same pants and t-shirts as that just looks strange.

The best way to create a complimentary set of outfits is to start with an idea, eg neutral postal shades, or red earthy tones. Pick the first outfit, for example mums dress and then work the rest of the outfits around that. You can then choose other outfits with complimentary colours, or different shades of the main outfit. Add in different textures such as wool or linen.

DO consider adding accessories

Take into account accessories and consider if you would like to add these into your family photography styling. Hats, scarves and jewellery are all things that can add interest to the outfit selection. For girls, consider bows and cute hair clips that match their outfits.

DON’T wear clothing with large logos or cartoon characters

Large brand logos / pictures are extremely distracting and draw attention away from the most important subjects of the photo – you and your family! While your children might love Paw Patrol, or Frozen, we don’t want cartoon characters to steal the limelight in this family photoshoot.

DON’T Match

Everyone in blue jeans & white shirts 100% matching is reserved for the 1990’s 🙂 As above, try to have clothing complimentary, but not exactly the same.

My favourite stops for family photography styling outfits

  • TTK The Label Noosa based ethical women’s wear.
  • Spell Australian based Bohemian fashion label founded in Byron Bay. Great for flowing dresses & boho patterns.
  • Coven & Co Great for dresses, robes and matching mama & mini outfits.
  • Country Road My go to shop when styling for dads – a great selection of chinos, polos, and cotton/linen shirts.
  • Cloth & Hide Coastal inspired Sunshine Coast clothing brand great for mums and kids.
  • Fillyboo Sydney based women’s wear brand, making stunning dresses, skirts, tops, jumpsuits and Kimonos
  • Baltic Born US based women’s wear brand with an amazing range of dresses and jumpsuits perfect for photoshoots. Shipping worldwide.

Remember, you don’t need to rush out and buy a new wardrobe for your family photography styling. Firstly, work with the pieces you have in your own wardrobe and add in pieces if needed. When purchasing items to wear for a photoshoot, make sure they are pieces you will continue to use in the future.

Interested in booking a family photoshoot ? You can find more information here: Sunshine Coast Family Photography

family photography styling with pastel pinks and woollen textures
Family Photography Styling – Pastel pinks & Woollen textures

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